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About Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands is one of the largest hill stations in Malaysia.It is a must place to visit when a person visit Malaysia. The temperature is cool and mild year round, a welcome break from the hot and humid lowlands. The area is brimming with strawberry and vegetable farms, tea-plantations, eco-projects and organic businesses.

The Yoga Studio is situated in Brinchang, a small town in the center of the highlands. The town is relaxed and friendly, full of Chinese, Malay and Indian restaurants. The picturesque town of Tanah Rata is nearby. There’s an extensive golf course and many walking trails leading to waterfalls and nature spots in the surrounding hills. There are Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu temples, and some of the oldest churches in Malaysia. The Highlands has a rich history dating back to pre-colonial times. There are plenty of local legends and myths.

There is always something new to explore and most locals speak English. The pace of life is slow but there’s a pleasant buzz and plenty to do. Cameron Highlands is a great place to chill out, practice yoga which is one of the top activities to do and relax for a while.
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