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Yoga Classes
The Available Yoga Classes In Detail
1. Sivananda Yoga
A typical Sivananda yoga begins with pranayama.

Pranayama is one of the most powerful practice for mental balance, control and stress. No matter how stress you are, you will feel great relieves after practicing pranayama.

'Prana' means breath, respiration, energy or strength and 'ayama' means stretch, extension, expansion, length, prolongation or control.'Pranayama' thus means the prolongation of breath and its restraint. Pranayama has techniques to make the respiratory organs top move and expand intentionally, rhythmically and intensively. It consits of long, sustained subtle flow of inhalation(puraka), exhalation(rechaka) and retention of breath(kumbhaka).

The Practice of pranayama helps to:
  • cleanse the nadis in a healthy condition and prevents their decay, keeping body and soul together.
  • increase prana(life energy).
  • experience mental peace,deeper self understanding and clarity of thought that occur in our mind.
  • relieving stress,anxiety,fear,tension and worries.
  • make the respiratory system function at its best.
  • prepare for meditation.
  • slowing down on aging process.

In this class, you will learn various pranayama techniques such as Single Nostril Breathing,Alternate Nostril Breathing(Anuloma Viloma),Kapalabhati, Abdominal Breathing(Diaphragmatic Breathing), Full Yogic Breath, Sithali and Sitkari.

The sessions are designed to be very relaxed.
2. Hatha Yoga Class
This is a systematic introduction to the practice of Hatha Yoga. This class takes a step to step approach for developing strength, flexibility, concentration and relaxation.This class is suitable for beginners and those with yoga experienced. You can enjoy moving your body, connecting to your breath and settling your mind in this Hatha Yoga Class. Asanas teach poise, balance, strength and are practiced to improved the body's physical health,clear the mind, muscle tone plus flexibility.
3. Prenatal Yoga
This class is specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy. Linking yoga postures with the breath will lead you to new discoveries, bringing awareness to the mind, body and spirit and spirit of your baby. The class is conducted in a peaceful environment which will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.

The practice of yoga will help you prepare your mind and body for labour and delivery. Breathing techniques and specially useful asanas are taught to lead you to a comfortable and easy delivery.
4. Postnatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga is a great way to support body’s recovery after birth. This class is designed for women to get back into shape in a safe, gentle and effective way. It is appropriate for mothers after 6 weeks post-natal check-up.

They involve :-
  • strengthening weakened abdominal muscles.
  • strengthening back muscles to improve back pain after birth.
  • toning the muscles that may not be used much during pregnancy eg. the upper back muscles.
  • increasing the strength of the pelvic floor muscles due to strain of carrying the weight of baby inside the uterus.
  • allowing the abdominal organs back into place in position.
  • realign the spine thereby improving body posture.
  • releases tension in the shoulder and neck muscles.
  • decreases stress and increases energy.
5. Gentle Yoga For The Elderly
Yoga practice is beneficial at all ages and for all abilities, including the less mobile and less flexible elders. This class is for senior citizens, anyone new or returning to yoga, and those who want to take more gentle deep practice class to improve mobility, flexibility, general health and well-being. It makes your body fitter, the mind calmer, and deals with emotional problems that are linked with Old Age. Receive a range of safe effective yoga poses plus relaxing breathing techniques to support a pain-free and flexible spine.
6. Yoga For Slimming
Yoga helps people wanting to lose weight. It improves digestion, eliminates constipation and water retention, improves blood circulation to the major endocrine glands (such as the thyroid and pancreas) that control your appetite, moods and sleep.

This class is specially focused on balancing body and mind, focused on twist away body fat and strengthen the muscles which can contribute to the sculpting of the body. A series of yoga asanas are specially selected to focus on stretching and twisting which helps to break fat, tones waist line, thigh and hips etc.
7. Private Yoga Classes
A private yoga session can be the perfect introduction for anyone who is stay of the idea of stating and refining a yoga practice in a class setting. With personalized private or small group yoga sessions at the centre premises or at students home, your yoga practice can be improved within a short time and is also a great way to help you create your own home practice. Private sessions are especially helpful when recovering from illness or injury. Feel the immediate benefits of one on one intruction, with hand on adjustments to give you a profound understanding of alignment and posture. Nevertheless, you can maximise the benefits of your yoga practice within the privacy of your own space at a time which suits you.

*Booking Your Sessions: Private yoga sessions may only be booked outside of the teacher's regularly scheduled class hours.
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