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Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs Sivananda Yoga
1. Why choose Sivananda Yoga?
Sivananda Yoga practice begins with an initial relaxation, breathing exercises, a complete warm-up, sun salutation, a sequence of 12 postures and lastly a final relaxation. In addition to this, you can be assured of getting a lot more from your workout, improving your sports performance and learning some additional techniques that will improve your fitness. Many athletes incorporate yoga into their training regime.
2. What are the differences between Sivananda Yoga and other forms of yoga?
Unlike other forms of yoga, Sivananda Yoga is a more sedate program that places more emphasis on proper breathing and relaxation. In this way, it is suitable for novices, the elderly and children.
3. Sivananda Yoga is a different approach. Why?
With Sivananda Yoga, you will be able to attain a lot more than simple physical fitness. The stretches and relaxation in Sivananda Yoga will also help you to cultivate a calm mind and positive outlook.
4. What can you learn from pranayama in Sivananda Yoga?
One of the strongest principles of Sivananda Yoga s to teach students how to breathe effectively and coherently. After learning to control the physical body, yoga students learn to control and deepen their breathing. Pranayama, the science of breathing, is taught as part of each complete Sivananda Yoga lesson.
5. What psychological benefits can I expect from practicing Sivananda Yoga?
Doing Sivananda Yoga enriches many aspects of life. You may find increased spiritual and emotional freedom. Moods become more balanced, tranquillity enters your life and increased focus.
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